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Liz Rolls nee Newton

Dear Greg
It has now been to years since you left us, I hope you understand under the circumstances we have all rallied and done the best we could.
I miss just knowing you were there even if it was on the other side of the world.
I have to thank you for making it possible for me to go to New York even if it was to take you on your final journey. I hope I got that right for you.
You didn't get the send off you deserved and to all your friends and associates I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
I have learnt so much about you in the last two years, just last month I was trying to fill in some NY years for a magazine in NZ as they wanted to give you a fitting obituary.
To those who came out of the woodwork to share memories of Greg through the many memorial pages I thank you.

Uri Nate

The best part of Greg ran down his whore mother's leg. He was a walking reason to support abortion. His death caused me to buy two bottles of champagne and celebrate. I feel bad for the worms who dont know any better but to eat his putrid flesh. I hope they dont pick up any of his might lower their status in the animal kingdom.


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The NCCER is a non-commercial and non-profit organization that was formed by the collaboration of 11 of the largest construction companies in the worlds. It aims to provide the compulsory education and training all equipment operators, keeping their safety in mind. It also helps to address severe shortage of qualified personnel in the equipment industry. The NCCER has made it easier for people to receive training and certification by successfully managing to unify the training heavy equipment program.
How should substantial equipment be lift? 1 With straight arms and legs and curled back ? 2 With straight legs and bent back? 3 With knees bent and straight backbone? 4 With feet as wide as possible? #3. 5. By someone else :-) 3 I think 3 It's number three BUT receive help if it's too heavy for you on... How to advance productivity beside big equipments? can you administer me any accurate site in the region of this subject,pl? I have searched Google, I didn't find any entry :( A Power quality Engineer can help within the area of keeping your equipment from limited down time, easily improves productivity. Not knowing every thing roughly speaking your heavy equipment, but... How to become a robust equipment worker? I really want to be a heavy equipment operator but I don't enjoy time or money to go to school to do it. Is at hand any other way to learn? Best way to become an operator is bring together the operator engineers union. They train you within how to run heavy equipment... 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I'm glad he's dead.

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.


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Im so sad about his ending. Farewell.

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This is my point. This does not mean that someone's being concerned about deer is to be judged one way or another - just want to introduce some more science to the discussion. PS I have no stake in the Croton issue myself.

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Quatre mois et un petit bedon. Il faut que tu abordes ta grossesse tranquillement. C’est le terme ne pas en être fière qui m’a interpelé.
Déjà c’est sympa de le dire avant que cela ce voit, cela t’éviteras les imbécillités des autres. Les femmes du peuple Bambara au Mali utilisent une statuette en bois d’un 30 de cm pour signaler au autres je suis enceinte et elles se promènent avec toute la journée.
Tu es heureuse, et cela va allez en augmentant et je pari que dans quelques mois tu sera vraiment ultra fière et rayonnante d’être un plus un qui bouge. Il n’y a rien de plus naturelle et de plus existentiel que de faire un enfant. Tu en prend véritablement pour 20 ans mais c’est génial.
Coté mode tu as exactement la bonne démarche, comme tu es très belle… être confortable et souple et tout sera dit.


The world is a better place without you scumbag. I had two bottles of champagne to celebrate your departure!! Nice post!!!


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So sad to know about it. I hope there is new coming.


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